• Affordable and efficient credit control solution
  • No more costly, confusing and lengthy legal battles
  • Avoid reliance on
    unwanted & expensive
  • Genuine repercussions to prevent non-payers
  • Maintain relationships by deciding when to act
  • Use terms, logo, and emails as preventative tools

About the PACT Scheme

You’ve done the work, sent off the invoice and then nothing happens. 30, 60, 90 even 120 days - nothing.
What do you do?
Taking legal action is expensive and often unreliable and will ultimately lead to the loss of the business relationship. Debt recovery is often too costly for today’s small business owner.

And that’s where the PACT Scheme comes in.

The PACT (Please Abide Contract Terms) Scheme protects small businesses from the frustration of late payment and the misery of bad debts. Supported by the protection of genuine repercussions for late payment, the PACT Scheme helps businesses recover debts whilst maintaining customer relationships using pre-agreed procedures.

The cost of this service? Just £89 per year - a small price to pay for big protection against the problem of late payment and bad debts.

Take a look at how it works here.

“The repercussions we’ve created are genuine and powerful, but we actually see them as a last resort. We have developed PACT as a preventative tool, and believe that simply adding our logo to your invoices will get you paid quicker. PACT allows you to maintain your vital relationships whilst subtly demonstrating that you have powerful credit control tools at your disposal, should you decide it’s necessary to use them.” Chris Hawthorn, Co-Founder of PACT Scheme

How PACT Works

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It’s a small price to pay for protection against the frustration of late payment and the misery of bad debts.